About Us

Mr Ng started Mastery@cheeks in 2016. He started teaching at home where he decided to pursue teaching and correcting students as his life-time hobby. Seeing lives germinating and growing became his obsession. He decided to set up a place where like-minded people come together to mentor these young lives. Inside our incubation room, we first correct students' learning habits, push them beyond comfort zone and develop them into positive-minded and humble learner. 


Mr Ng was an ex-senior teacher of St Andrew's Secondary School. He combined coaching principles and teaching pedagogy to assist students to improve their grades. Like all competitions, all athletes trained hard but there can only be one gold medalist. We want to train 'RIGHT' so that our efforts are channelled into building muscle memory for them to perform in challenging situations. At cheeks, we don't do miracles, we do Mastery@cheeks