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Tania Tang

Tania has taught Mathematics and Additional Mathematics to students from both independent and government schools across all levels and streams for more than a decade. She is a patient tutor who has very clear instructions to effectively guide her students

Ng Chee Keong (Cheeks)

Mr Ng was a former senior teacher of St Andrew's Secondary School. He enjoys  seeing growth of his students' ability outside their comfort zone. He pass on lifelong learning skills to his students so that they do well in their future endeavours .

Gordon Goh

Mr Gordon Goh was a former senior teacher of St Andrew's Secondary School. He has accumulated an array of teaching skills to pass on physics knowledge to his students. He connects daily life experiences with physics theories and make them interesting for our students.


With a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry from Nanyang Technological University(NTU), Atiqah prepares students with the relevant skills to better understand science concepts and to tackle complicated science questions through simple summaries and various practice questions. At Mastery@Cheeks, she teaches Primary and Secondary Science/Chemistry

Jay Jay

Being a friendly and patient tutor, JayJay is committed in ensuring that all her students strive for the best in their studies. She understands the needs and challenges students face. JayJay teaches simple and effective strategies which allow students to have a clearer view of their word problems.

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