Our Testimonials


“I appreciate Mr. Ng’s coaching for both my sons. Their results are a testament to his teaching! In Sec 2, Lennon was consistently failing but within a few months under Mr. Ng, Lennon got an A at the end of Sec 2. I did not have to worry about his results since then.

- Mrs. Lim, Mother of Lennon and Kieran Lim 


Mr Ng is a very personal and dedicated tutor who goes all out to help his students. His lessons are not only helpful and effective in helping my son improve his results but are also engaging and interesting.


- Mrs. Lilian Ng 


With Mr. Ng's teaching methods, I managed to transition from a B in PSLE math to a consistent 90%+ from secondary 1-4, eventually scoring an A1 in both A and E maths. But most importantly, Mr. Ng helped me to enjoy mathematics and I will forever be indebted to him.I've developed a passion for the subject that I never knew was there and Mr. Ng has been a catalyst in my process of achieving personal excellence - not just in my studies but in every aspect of life.

- Elijah, St Andrew's Sec 


At Mastery@Cheeks, the teachers there are very responsible for every students' learning. Since my children started, they are now self-driven to learn on their own and often push themselves beyond their comfort zone.  

- Mrs. Lee, Mother of Serene and Jason


Mr. Ng is very passionate about teaching. My children’s Mathematics results improved under his guidance. He offers good advice and is concerned with the development of his students.

- Michelle, Mother of Si Min, Zhi An & Zhi Jian


Mr. Ng's methods of teaching are simple and easily understandable. Within weeks, I saw an immediate improvement in my results, proceeding to top my class in Secondary 3 and getting an A1 and A2 for E Math and A Math respectively. 

- Christian Tay, St Andrew's Sec 


Mr. Ng really wants his students to do well and will willingly stay back to give extra lessons to make sure his students totally understand the concepts. He developed my love for math, ignited my drive to perform beyond myself, and lastly filled my life with goals and purpose. I will like to say that I enjoyed his mentorship these 4 years.


 - Hannah, PLMGS 


A kind, understanding, and caring teacher that readily helps and clarifies. Mr. Goh has motivated me to work hard towards the goals I've set. 


- Nazmi, Sec 4 Physics


Mr. Goh, thank you for always helping me to understand the principles better and how to apply them correctly. I know that I have made the right decision to join your class.


- Aidan, Sec 4 Physics

SA prefect.png

Miss. Atiqah, I appreciate the extent of your meticulous explainations of the questions to me, providing me with clear concepts and confidence to approach any Chemistry paper. Thank you. 

- Nivish, Sec 4 Chemistry